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7 Technology Trends Insurance Providers Need to be Following

It almost seems as though there’s some new fancy technology coming out every other week these days, doesn’t it? It changes our customers, it changes the market, and it flat out changes the way we do business.

It can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve, but those who choose to ignore these advances in technology are often left behind in the digital dust.

Here are some of the top technology trends in the insurance industry worth watching out for:


1. Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Data is everywhere. But it only matters if you’re measuring, analyzing, and using it to make informed decisions. Insights into the purchasing habits of consumers, the likelihood of cancellation, risk of fraud, the ability to anticipate trends - there’s a lot to gain when you can see what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • Customer Acquisition - understanding customer behavior and market trends enable insurance providers to reach more customers and provide competitive pricing.
  • Claims Management - insights into dubious activities and the ability to recognize the patterns of fraudulent claims is a great way to cut costs.


2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Human error is inevitable, especially when it comes to repetitive, mundane activities. Artificial intelligence helps insurance providers automate tasks that take time and cost money, all while increasing the accuracy of results.

  • CCC Smart Estimate provides an AI solution that allows vehicle collision estimators to predict repair costs based on a photo, helping them make better claims estimates with speed and accuracy.
  • Insurmi provides automated customer service powered by AI to guide users from calculating life insurance to buying a policy. It’s dashboard also communicates with CRM tools to track customer progress in real-time.


3. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things allows us to be connected to everything. Rather than generalize the attributes of a particular customer based on aggregated data, insurance providers can collect information from first-hand sources. Being connected to smart homes, wearable technologies, and other personal devices help to better determine rates, mitigate risk, and even prevent losses in the first place.

  • Telematics - cars equipped with monitoring devices provide insights into location, speed, accidents, and more. This helps to encourage better driving habits and lower claims costs for insurers.


4. Blockchain

Blockchain provides access to secure data management without loss of integrity. Identity management and underwriting, claims processing, fraud management - each requires access to a vast amount of data from various sources. Blockchain grants insurance providers secure access, reducing both risk and cost.

5. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

If you’re looking to provide a better customer experience, why not change the way your customers view insurance? Augmented and virtual reality help to enhance the experience of remote claims handling, accident recreation, and more.

  • Purchasing Insurance - put customers in simulated real-life situations to showcase the value of life, health, and coverage.
  • Virtual Driving Test - allow insurers to take practical driving tests that could help in deciding the optimal coverage for new clients.


6. Chatbots

Chatbots can interact with customers seamlessly, saving money without sacrificing experience. Walk customers through a policy application or claims process, relying on human interaction for more complex cases.

  • SnatchBot is changing insurance through personalized quotes and relevant recommendations, quick and efficient claims, and account automation.


7. Drones

A birds-eye-view is just another perspective when it comes to collecting data and calculating risk. It can provide additional insights before issuing a policy, aiding in preventative maintenance, and assessing damage after a loss.

  • Roof Damage - roofs are notoriously difficult and hazardous to inspect. A quick flyby provides a better view at reduced risk for adjusters.
  • Post-Disaster - access to disaster areas may often be restricted or too dangerous to enter. When you can’t enter by foot, take to the sky!


It can often feel overwhelming to stay on top of the advances in technology and how they impact the insurance industry. But a bit of insight into the top trends is all you need for now. Stay focused on your primary initiatives; a better customer experience, reduced costs, or whatever it may be. The technology exists to enhance us, not replace us.


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Written by Greg Church

President, US Claim Solutions

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