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How to Set Goals for Claims Adjusters to Engage and Empower Them

In any professional setting, even the most complex and complicated work can go unrecognized. There’s truly impressive and complex work that flies under the radar. This stands true for the work of claims adjusters—work that is far from simple. However, truly good employers know that showing employees that they are valued within their job is one of the best ways to keep them motivated and excited about good performance.

Despite the complex nature of the work done by claims adjusters, it is work that often goes unnoticed by peers and employers. This lack of proper recognition as well as the high workload, strict regulatory requirements, and high-performance standards makes claims adjusters especially susceptible to a lack of motivation and eventual burnout. 

This looming possibility of burnout is why it’s so important for employers to take necessary preventative action; which will keep their claims adjusters motivated and ready to take on any case that might come their way. 


Happy Adjusters Equals Happy Clients

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of any business is good customer service. If you don’t offer great customer service, your clients can easily take their business elsewhere. This is especially true when it comes to the insurance claims industry. Company-client interactions are few and far between which means that the interactions that do take place have to be positive ones. 

Happy employees will want to provide better customer service to clients. This means that, as an employer, one of the best things that you can do for your company is to make sure that your own employees are content in their jobs. 

Considering the work that claims adjusters do, they are, more often than not, the face to the name of your business. Because claims adjusters are at the very center of interaction with clients, it is important that they are motivated and empowered to be their very best—both in their work and as customer service representatives. 


5 Ways to Keep Your Claims Adjusters Motivated

At US Claims Solutions, we understand the connection between the motivation of claims adjusters and the happiness of clients. With this in mind, we have put together a short list of things you can do to keep your claims adjusters happy, motivated, and goal-oriented. 


1. Set smaller goals 

Although larger goals might seem like the way to go, putting goals that are too big in place can overwhelm your claims adjusters. One of the best ways to keep claims adjusters motivated is to have them set smaller goals that add up to complete the bigger picture. Smaller goals are easier to achieve more quickly. They can also be set more often which allows for a greater sense of accomplishment. This means that although the same amount of work might be getting done, it feels like more because boxes are being checked more frequently. 


2. Focus on things that can be controlled 

When it comes to insurance claims and the work of claims adjusters, there are a lot of variables. A lack of control over certain situations can make work all the more stressful and overwhelming. When having your claims adjusters set goals, encourage them to focus on the controllable. Putting an emphasis on those things can take the focus off of the parts of the situation that are out of their control, thus making their job a little bit less daunting.  


3. Check in with your adjusters 

When employees feel like their efforts are going unnoticed, it can make it hard for them to stay focused and motivated within their job. As an employer, it is important to make sure that your claims adjusters are getting the recognition they deserve, especially when the workload is high and work hours are long. This can give them a greater sense of worth within their job which will, in turn, motivate them to continue doing well. 


4. Define what goal achievement looks like 

Particularly in a field of work as time-consuming and demanding as that of insurance claims adjusters, without the proper incentive to reach certain goals, adjusters can become unmotivated to work towards those goals with gusto and excitement, potentially taking a toll on their quality of work. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to set milestones in place for your claims adjusters. How might they personally benefit from reaching goals, both large and small? Some external motivation will keep them excited about their work and ready to put in the effort. 


5. Challenge your employees 

Setting smaller goals doesn’t mean setting goals that don’t push and challenge your claims adjusters. Goals can be achievable while also keeping employees engaged. As they continue to reach goals, claims adjusters will develop a sense of value within their work which will encourage them to work harder and better. 

Employee Happiness Comes First

The work of insurance claims adjusters is complex and demanding. It is easy for adjusters to become uninspired to put in the effort towards their job that it requires. By putting the goals and happiness of your claims adjusters at top of your priority list, you are ensuring that you are putting your company in a better position to succeed.

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Written by Greg Church

President, US Claim Solutions

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