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How to Streamline Claims Management and Increase Profitability

The way an insurer manages their claims process is fundamental to its profits and long-term sustainability. Unfortunately, that process is typically time-consuming and labor-intensive, involving multiple systems, outdated technology, and disparate business units. The results of w...
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How to Determine the RIGHT Caseload for Insurance Adjusters

Determining the ideal caseload for adjusters is no easy feat. There are far too many factors that go into identifying both case complexity and adjuster capability.
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Which Skills & Traits Make a Claims Adjuster GREAT?

What makes a claims adjuster great? There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to this fast-paced roll. It’s a high stress job, requiring a strong mindset. Varying skills that demand experience and expertise. And it doesn’t hurt to have the right set of soft skills that ...
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Here’s Why Claims Professionals Aren’t Compliant and How You Can Fix It

Implementing regulatory requirements in the claims, underwriting, and distribution process is a challenge for many insurers. Claims professionals need to make sure they’re reporting information about claims to the proper state and federal agencies. However, errors continue to be ...
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5 Insurance Scams and Other Risks Posed by the Gig Economy

The ability to share resources and services is creating a new way to do business. Smartphone applications have made it simple to connect buyers and sellers to make use of their spare time, expertise, and unused assets. It has created a whole new type of economy referred to as the...
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5 Ways to Prevent Adjuster Burnout and Reduce Employee Turnover

Holding onto experienced claims adjusters is critical to running a successful business in this industry. If you’re not creating the type of work environment that facilitates a healthy lifestyle, adjusters will succumb to the stress and decide to move on. High adjuster turnover ca...
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5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Successful Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster

While many businesses spend the wake of a storm reeling, trying to put their business back together, a catastrophic event has quite the opposite effect for catastrophic (CAT) claims adjusters. You’re the unsung hero that’s there to help them get their claim closed so they can get...
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15 Interesting Ways to Leverage Consumer Data: Examples from Insurance Companies Leading the Charge

In an increasingly competitive industry like insurance, it’s critical to come up with innovative solutions to reach and retain customers. Not to mention that it requires a customer-first approach to keep up with consumer demand for personalization.
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COVID Scams Insurers Need to be on the Lookout for

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the economy, our businesses, and our livelihoods. As revenue and personal income continue to be choked out by shuttered businesses and stay at home orders, some may be tempted to make a quick buck through insurance scams. In desperate time...
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Preparing for the Wave of BI Claims in the Wake of COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 have not just been an interruption to business, but a global crisis that has served as an interruption to our entire economy. It has deeply impacted several industries, leaving businesses to look to insurers to cushion the blow. The process is already unde...
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