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Responding to COVID-19: What Insurers Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the world. It has affected our economy, our industry, and our people. It’s time for insurers to step up - to review and update crisis management plans while taking the necessary steps to prevent further disruption to the lives of em...
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7 Technology Trends Insurance Providers Need to be Following

It almost seems as though there’s some new fancy technology coming out every other week these days, doesn’t it? It changes our customers, it changes the market, and it flat out changes the way we do business.
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How to Prevent Claims Adjuster Burnout

The life of claims adjusters can be hectic and stressful. Adjusters are often subject to very high workloads resulting in longer than average daily work hours and a higher chance of burnout. Not only can this burnout affect an adjuster’s professional life, but it can affect their...
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How the application of artificial intelligence is affecting claims professionals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities has improved leaps and bounds since its initial conception in the early to mid-1900s. As the technology continues to progress, so then does its integration into many industries—including insurance and insurance claims. What is Art...
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5 Time Management Tips for Claims Adjusters from an Industry Veteran

Claims adjusters know that time management is one of the essential tools for success. Their role is not an easy one. They work long, often irregular hours—early mornings, late nights, even weekends—to ensure their clients are getting the best care possible.
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How to Set Goals for Claims Adjusters to Engage and Empower Them

In any professional setting, even the most complex and complicated work can go unrecognized. There’s truly impressive and complex work that flies under the radar. This stands true for the work of claims adjusters—work that is far from simple. However, truly good employers know th...
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